Doggy Daycare

Are you looking for a one time visit, a couple times or care on a regular basis?


We have 30 indoor kennel runs. That's where the dogs start out there day. This is their space. We offer blankets and water in this location. You can choose to bring food, treats and toys. This area is air-conditioned and has a heated floor. When weather permits these kennels also have acceptability to their outdoor kennel run.


We have 3 outdoor exercise yards. All dogs go outside to play, potty and exercise 8-10 times a day, length depends on weather conditions.


If your dog plans on attending on a regular basis, we can work them into a size appropriate play group.


We require a current copy vaccination records from your vet clinic. Rabies, Distemper and Kennel Cough (Bordetella) are required.


Cost is $10.50 per calendar day, no matter the number of hours that are spent in daycare. 

*Two dogs same kennel, $15.50 per calendar day.  

*Saturday, $15.50 per dog.


Arrival and departure times coincide with our store hours.

Frequent/regular visitors have an early and late drop off/pick up option.